Aapki sehat

Aapki sehat,Hamara Farz.

We're Zyephr, a revolutionary digital healthcare company aiming to democratize health care information that uses AI solutions to bring high-quality health care to all.

“We accompany you on your journey to maintaining perfect health by helping you take control of your most important data
your medical records!

Zyephr uses AI-based solutions to bring personalized healthcare tips and help you look after your health. Now, create your own Electronic Health Records (EHR) to monitor and track menstrual cycle, blood pressure, diabetes, and a lot more to manage your health data. Cheers to a long and healthy life!

Introducing Our Characters

The Doctor

Dr. Sid has spent his entire career caring for people's health and wellbeing. Now he's here to lead Zyephr.

The Nurse

Anan has been a Registered Nurse for more than 20 years. She has specialized experience in critical care and transplant.

The Nutritionist

Nidhi is a Clinical Nutritionist who believes in mindful eating and evidence based dietary practices.

The Trainer

Aditi assist clients in managing their weight and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. She further wants to explore research into trainer development.

The Pharmacist

Mohsin is our Pharmacist and also a Medication Safety Expert. His true passion lies in helping others safely and effectively with the use of innovative pharmaceutical medicines.