Account Deletion

Dear user,
We're sorry to see you leave the Zyephr platform. We hope that our app was able to help you easily access and manage your vital health information at your fingertips, without causing you to fall sick frequently.

Before deleting your account, allow us to highlight a few reasons why you might want to reconsider:

Knowledge is healthy

Our daily tips and newsletter give you new health ideas to keep you motivated. Look at it here: Click here

Like a best friend

Zyephr ensures you never forget to take your medications or vitamins. With our medical records tracker, we've got your back on your health journey as well.

And there's a lot more you can do! Change your experience in the app's settings. We have choices to make the app fit your needs.

If you still wish to delete your account, please use the form below.

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To submit a deletion request:

Important Notes: After receiving your request to delete personal data from our systems, we will initiate the deletion process within 48 hours of receiving the request. Once all data has been fully deleted from our live databases, we will send a confirmation email verifying that the deletion was successfully completed.

How to recover the account?

  • Deleted data is retained in our backup systems for 90 days before permanent deletion for legal and audit purposes.
  • Within this 90-day retention period, users can request recovery of their account by contacting Zyephr at
  • To initiate the recovery process, users need to provide their full name, date of birth, and phone number for identity verification.
  • After the 90-day window, Zyephr will no longer have access to recover any deleted data.


  • At Zyephr, we prioritise user control and transparency over personal information.
  • Users have the right to access and review their Personal Information at any time by requesting it from Zyephr.
  • Account or Personal Information deletion can be easily initiated through the Help section within the Zyephr app.
  • Some information may still be retained in accordance with applicable laws even after account deletion.
  • Zyephr takes the security of user information seriously and may request additional details to confirm identity and prevent unauthorized access.
  • For more comprehensive information on specific products and services, users should refer to Zyephr's Terms and Conditions.
  • Users can contact Zyephr for further clarification or questions, as the company is dedicated to assisting users in the best possible way.